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            Yoga Plus Nokomis FL
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We wanted to let you know that we offer the best services in Nokomis. We have a lot of fun here, which means our employees are happy and that means you will be to

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Yoga Plus ® 2301 Tamiami Trail N Unit G, Nokomis, Fl 34275

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A brief guide to help you decide 

Yoga workout: Breath work followed by sun salutations, individual poses building strength, focus & balance Intermediate level 
Yoga/Pilates: Gentle core workout with gentle yoga stretches must have some level of agility
Pilates: Beginners/intermediate/power Great for lower back problems, strengthening, sculpting and toning the body
Kundalini Yoga: Yoga for Youth & Joy, optimum health, breath work to eliminate diseases, balances the hormones, meditation for breaking habits & stress relief, exercises to build strength and release fear & much, much more all welcome
 Gentle Yoga: Designed for those who have good agility, providing a light to moderate practice followed by a guided meditation 
Specialty classes: yoga for the joints, RA, fibromyalgia, face & much more RSVP from 12:30 & 5:30 groups of 3 or more to reserve
Personalized or Privately individualized Classes: Designed with you in mind catered to meet individual requirements 
 Sunset Meditation: Date & time available by text only registration needed to receive TX
 Zumba Mix: All welcome learn the steps to a healthy cardio dance workout, mixed with some abs, hips, buns & thighs
Zumba: Find your rhythm, have fun, shed pounds & build your cardiovascular system, it kicks butt, wear proper shoes 
 Belly Dance classes: for adults learn the basics moves & have fun while getting your grove on 4 lesson bookings
Yoga for Men: Yoga for men is designed to relieve stress, improve circulation through breathe work, aids digestion and generates correct functions of all major organs, designed for men with limited flexibility and who are new to yoga.
Yin Yoga: Silent still yoga followed by a sequence of gentle flowing movements must have some level of agility
P.O.P. Pounds of in Paradise will be alternated every other Monday with Yin Yoga, this will be a meeting to support healthy diet
Massage Therapy: throughout the day six days a week, couples massage available by appointment only, or book for our Sunset 
Couples Massage In house or down on the beach call (941) 726 - 4209 for an appointment 
Small little boutique offering fashion jewelry, one off apparel, sarongs & Belly dance belts  

                                        Pounds Off in Paradise
                                        Yoga Plus is launching its Beach Body Readiness on Monday June 2nd. Pounds off in Paradise (P.O.P.)                                           is a support group for those who want to shed pounds, tone up and eat healthier. Voluntary weigh in’s and                                         measurements will be every Monday from noon to 6pm. Support meetings will be every other Monday at                                         6:30pm where we will share shopping tips, recipes, nutritionals information and ideas to overcome                                         obstacles. Our regular activities are paramount of course; Yoga, Zumba, Pilates and Detox Massages.                                         P.O.P. will also schedule group playdates for walking, biking, hooping, kayaking etc. Come along for the journey and shed Pounds off in Paradise. Life is too short. Live every day well. When you’re with friends nothing is impossible. As a support group we hope to cover all costs (printing, ink, electric, etc.) through donations, suggested at $25 per month. RSVP Namaste
Breathe: How often do you take a minute to stop, sit and take a deep breath? Often times we forget to take little moments throughout the day to breathe and tune in.
The medicine of the week is all your own. The Breath. Sitting in a quite space and breathing is one of the most powerful healing tools there is. There is no herb, drug, or food that can give you what your own breath can. An entire body, mind adjustment takes place by just 3 minutes of conscious long deep breathing. We don't realize most of the time that within this very body are the answers. If you have something going on and you simply don't know what to do, take 3 minutes standing or sitting and begin to breathe from the root of your abdomen. When the breath fills the lungs and the chest, exhale using your diaphragm to gently release all the old air then repeat.

Simple, effective and always there for you.

I invite you to try your medicine and while you are at it here is a recipe that will help bring calm to the mind, cool the body while opening the throat and clearing digestion.

2-3 Mint Leaves
1 heaping tsp. chamomile flowers
1-2tsp Edible Rose water
1/4tsp Raw organic Honey

Let the flowers and leaves steep in 1 cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes covered. Strain, add the rose water and honey. Sit, Take 3 long deep inhales and 3 long exhales and Drink warm.

Breathe & Enjoy!