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      Breathe is the body's natural built in healing gift that we have been given:   

How often do you take a minute to stop, sit and take a deep breath? Often times we forget to take little moments throughout the day to breathe and tune in. The medicine of the week is all your own. The Breath. Sitting in a quite space and breathing is one of the most powerful healing tools there is. There is no herb, drug, or food that can give you what your own breath can. An entire body, mind adjustment takes place by just 3 minutes of conscious long deep breathing. We don't realize most of the time that within this very body are the answers. If you have something going on and you simply don't know what to do, take 3 minutes standing or sitting and begin to breathe from the root of your abdomen. When the breath fills the lungs and the chest, exhale using your diaphragm to gently release all the old air then repeat.
Simple, effective and always there for you.
I invite you to try your medicine and while you are at it here is a recipe that will help bring calm to the mind, cool the body while opening the throat and clearing digestion.
2-3 Mint Leaves
1 heaping tsp. chamomile flowers
1-2tsp Edible Rose water
1/4tsp Raw organic Honey
Let the flowers and leaves steep in 1 cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes covered. Strain, add the rose water and honey. Sit, Take 3 long deep inhales and 3 long exhales and Drink warm.

Breathe & Enjoy!
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Meditations just for you!

“Deep Meditation into Thoughtlessness” as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Prescribed by Carolyn Garcia

Sitting in easy sitting pose or on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, take care that your spine is straight and in alignment. Put hands in your lap with the palms up; the right hand rests on the left palm, thumbs may touch or may not touch. For the effect to really happen now, there can be no tension in any other part of your body. Absolutely no tension. Let it go. Close your eyes. Imagine seeing yourself and watching all the tension in every part of your body leave. Let your body go. Then totally pull the energy to the root of the nose between the two eyebrows. Do not worry about the breath. Concentrate as deeply as possible at that one point and mentally vibrate the mantra WHAHE GURU, which means “ecstasy in the light of the lord which takes you away from the darkness.” When you chant, it must be broken into 4 atomic dimensions: WHA-HE-GU-RU.
WHA – Infinity HE – The presence of the finite in the infinite GU – Darkness RU – Light
If you relax and keep up, you will enter a new dimension of consciousness. However, the gate is guarded by the lower self, so you may have to battle for entry. The Body may itch or pain; call on your high will and let everything that hinders you go. Continue 11 minutes working your way up to 31 minutes. Then inhale and exhale deeply make fists of your hands, open and close them several times. Then massage them to readjust circulation.
Comments: the real value of a meditation is not just to have an experience of energy or to be able to say you have done it, but to experience a continual flow of light from your inner self that transforms your behavior patterns in your day to day living. It is easy to know Truth, it is difficult to live it. One of the blocks to living what truths we already know is the constant flow of thought the intellect feeds us. We get distracted by them and forget who we are and what we are doing. The essential beauty of this meditation is that the constant flow of the intellect stops, and the mind becomes empty. It is a very quick way of achieving a state of thoughtlessness, and the moment you achieve it the only thought you may be the place and sounds you are concentrating on. By concentrating on the brow point The Third eye stimulates the Pineal to secrete. The third eye controls the various bio-rhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process. 

"Meditation for Guidance" as taught by Yogi Bhajan and prescribed by Carolyn Garcia 

A.)Sit with a straight spine in easy sitting or lotus pose Make the hands into a cup with the palms facing up. Leave a fish like hole between the sides of the little fingers. (A1) Bow the head forward over the palms (A2) Look into the palms with the eyes almost closed. Inhale in 10 sections. Each section has the mental mantra WHAHO associated with each part. Exhale in 10 sections with the mantra GURU on each part. Continue for 11 minutes. Inhale and exhale powerfully to complete the meditation.
B.)Sit straight and chant WHAHO aloud 8 times and then chant GURU aloud 8 times:
This mantra is done in monotone. Continue for 5 to 11 minutes.
Build your practice of this meditation slowly up to 31 minutes. At times when the path of truth and clarity seems lost, calm yourself and still your mind, then the path will come to you. In this meditation, the head is out as if to be sacrificed and given to the Guru or higher self. Besides strengthening your mental direction, it can alleviate any blood disease. For yogic therapy, this meditation can slowly be build up to 2½ hours.
To live life according to the guidance of the inner truth is essential. If you do not, you will have doubts. If doubts are not removed, then frustration come in. frustration, when not released, leads to anger. Anger then leads to destructive action to either the self, others or both. To stop this vicious cycle, create the habit to still the Self and ask questions of your higher consciousness. This meditation can develop that capacity. 

"Anti – Depression and Brain Synchrony Meditation" as taught by Yogi Bhajan and prescribed by Carolyn Garcia

A.) Sit in easy pose with an erect spine. The hands are in gyan mudra with the first finger on top of the thumb. Raise the upper arm parallel to the ground and bring the mudras in front of the eyes so the thumbs and forefingers touch. Open the eyes wide and stare beyond the hands to the horizon. (A1 & 2) Then inhale deeply and separate the hands 36 to 45 inches while keeping the eyes fixed. (A3) Then exhale back to the original position. The elbows will move a little, but keep them relaxed. Start with a slow movement, one cycle of the breath taking about 4 seconds. As the hands go outward with the inhale mentally vibrate “SA.” As they return, vibrate “TA.” Then for the second repletion “NA” on the inhale and “MA” on the exhale. Meditate on the life energy of the breath. The mental feeling of stretching the breath from a single point to the width of the arm spread is essential. After 2 to 3 minutes, increase the speed to 3½ to 4 seconds for each cycle of SA-TA-NA-MA. Continue for 3 minutes. Then inhale and relax the arms and shoulders totally dead. No mudra is needed, just RELAX. Meditate at the crown chakra. If you must concentrate at all, focus all your energy at the anterior fontanel on top of the skull. Put all of your energy in total relaxation or on that one square inch on the skull. Continue for about 15 minutes.

Comments: you are born and made positive and creative. The creativity of your existence is unlimited. Since we do not have the established habit of constancy in thought and action, we create negative patterns of thought and depression. This meditation will let you evaluate and measure how positive or negative you are. It will also make you positive and happy. It focuses on the range of the breath. In the subconscious, breath and life are synonymous. By meditating this way, depression can be alleviated. If you do it correctly, there will be a tremendous pressure at your lymph glands. The two sides of the brain get coordinated and separated. Those unfortunate people who use marihuana at any time in their life get the hemispheres confused. The effect is periodic scatteredness, lack of motivation, depression or alienation. This can recur any time in the life, even after years of abstinence from the drug usage. The body needs to be readjusted through an appropriate beet fast and banana fast. This exercise will also re-coordinate the brains functions. Increase this meditation slowly. Ultimately you can do “A” for 11 minutes followed by the relaxation for 31 minutes. 

Six Exercises for your Sciatic Nerve 

As taught by Yogi Bhajan. Ph .D. and as prescribed by Carolyn Garcia of Yoga +. Do these exercise 3 times a week for 40 days, side effects no more sciatic pain.

1.Standing in Tadasana the mountain pose, stretch the left arm out straight out to the side shoulder height. Placing the right hand on your hip and raise the right leg straight out to the side as high as possible, and then lower it back to the original position. Continue lifting the leg up and down once every 1-2 seconds. Do not change sides. The arm is held stationary. Continue for two minutes, then shake it out. This exercise works on balancing the brain and stretching the sciatic nerve.
2.Stand with your feet 18 inches apart. Extend both arms up to exactly 60˚, elbows straight. Twist the body from left to right, inhaling to the left exhaling to the right. Moving fast. Continue powerfully for 5 minutes. This exercise works on the liver. The 60˚angle of the arms allows for the stimulation in this area to occur.
3.Sitting down with both your legs and your arms extended straight out in front, arms parallel to the ground. Inhale to begin exhale reach forward keeping the lower back arched as in cat pose, arms stay shoulder height and parallel to the ground then inhale back to the original position. Each cycle should take 2-3-seconds. Continue for 2 minutes. This exercise applies pressure to the lower back.
4.Remain sitting with the legs straight out. Lock both hands under the left knee and rapidly begin to raise the leg all the up to the chest and all the way down. Keeping it straight. One complete cycle takes 2 seconds. Continue powerfully for 1-2 minutes. This exercise works on the colon and liver.
5.Sarvasana (Corpse Pose) lie on your back with your arms 45˚out to the side palms up and your legs a comfortable distance apart. Close your eyes and let the body go dead. Completely relax the body systematically part by part, beginning with the feet and continue on up to the head. Make the breath long and deep. Concentrate on the third eye point. Think young and beautiful. Continue to relax for 5 minutes.
6.Remain laying on your back bend your knees out to the side keeping your feet on the ground bringing your heels together. Lift the knees up bringing them together and then spread them apart again towards the floor, with the heels still touching. Move as fast as you can. Continue this flapping motion for 2 minutes. This exercise adjusts the hips.

Please note that Yoga Plus is closed until further notice, we should be opening our new location between end of June - July 2015. We would like to thank all our students and clients for their continued support, and look forward to continuing our work together towards good health, happiness and wholeness. 
 Paddleboard yoga begins next week 16th June Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00am at Blackburn point, sign up required 4 spaces available please text Carolyn to sign up